The Career Coaching for Students™ program is different.
Career Coaching for Students™ puts the emphasis on the student, not the process. Any process can be automated. Helping a student understand their strengths and talents is key to applying those strengths and talents to career exploration. We focus first on those things that need to be considered before choosing a career or selecting a college. We just happen to also have the best online resources for researching careers and finding and investigating post-high school educational options.

Our Top Ten List (we have many reasons this is the best program for teens, here are just a few):

  1. The only program that uses the same highly reliable assessments that companies use to identify and select talent to build world-class organizations (see parent company The Nielson Group for more on corporate hiring-for-fit and organizational development). Assessment reports provide valid and reliable information that students are able to readily understand and accept.

  2. When compared to their in-school offering, students consistently report that Career Coaching for Students™ is more tangible. They consistently rate this program head and shoulders above the school programs - more credible, impactful, meaningful and engaging as a program.

  3. Students benefit from focused, easy-to-do, step-by-step tasks and personalized research strategies

  4. Serves as a high-octane fueled vehicle for students to build confidence and begin finding, engaging and networking with successful people in their chosen career of interest.

  5. Helps the student to place priorities in the right order and develop an action plan:
    → self-awareness
    → talent identification
    → talent matching
    → career exploration and investigation
    → career focusing
    → educational requirements and strategies
    → educational planning
    → action plan development

  6. Includes exercises that engage the whole student. Uses the WICR Method of learning and instruction. WICR, which stands for writing, inquiry, collaboration, and reading, engages the entire student in a way that puts them in control and enables them to succeed in what might be considered a rigorous class or workshop.

  7. Unlike other programs that collect and sell student information to their marketing partners, Success Discoveries upholds strict privacy policies and does not sell or share student information with anyone.

  8. Supports high-achievers with many options by systematically narrowing and prioritizing choices.

  9. Supports under-achievers by exposing talent and potential

  10. The most robust online career and educational research content on the Internet.