From Dad to High School Principal (e-mail sent to Principal week after the program ended)

I just wanted to drop you a quick note about the Career Coaching for Students program that my son and I attended. With [my son] being a freshman, it was my hope that [he] would just come away from this program with enough information to begin thinking about his future and become more motivated about his high school studies. The results…

far exceeded my expectations. He came away with a real excitement and a good idea of what he thinks he wants to do for a living when he grows up. More importantly, it gave him a practical look at the degree program(s) he would need to pursue to get into this career and also showed him the colleges he would need to go to that offer this type of degree program.

I know he may change his mind about the specific career he chooses before he graduates, but I think that he now has a clearer purpose for what he needs to accomplish in high school to pursue his interests. That’s exactly what I hoped he would gain from this. I can't recommend strongly enough that all of the high school students take this program if possible. Anyway, I just wanted to give you some feedback and thank you for offering this program for [him] to take advantage of.