"Now that I've seen this, we need to reassign Kuder to be exclusively for our middle school students and make Career Coaching for Students our core high school program. I can easily see adapting our current curriculum plans to leverage this program through all four years of high school. It suppots state education requirements beautifully but even more important, it makes a solid and measurable impact for every type of student." Site Curriculum Director

"As the Naviance Coordinator for my high school, I am astonished at the depth of this program vs what Naviance offers. Naviance doesn't come close. This should be the core program for incoming 9th graders if not provided during the summer prior to starting high school and then referenced throughout all four years of high school. Well done!" High School Naviance Coordinator 

If you are looking for a student program that increases academic success and delivers the best career exploration program available - welcome to Career Coaching for Students! This is a program that promises to be more effective and valuable for high school students than Kuder, Naviance, XAP Bridges or other so called college and career readiness offerings. We take a different approach. We use disruptive technology but not the kind you might think is best. Instead of an information delivery system that "helps teachers be more productive", our disruptive technology has more to do with the quality of the assessments we use and the way to use them to help students identify their passions and interests, develop a future view that they connect with and help build a strategy to make that future a reality.

What they might not tell you

Many of our independent licensed coaches are parents also. Their kids went to a high school that employed Naviance, XAP or Kuder. Most of our class and worskhop participants also had these offerings at their high school. Consistently, these students all reported low to no value from Naviance, XAP or Kuder. Students and parents in our workshops compared what they experienced in those programs to what we offer in the Career Coaching for Students program to what the Ford Pinto Ford Pinto - Worst Car Everwas to the Acura NSX (an all-aluminum, midengine sports car so good it forced Ferrari to build better Ferraris). Acura NSX will do the job and have fun doing it.The only exception we take to that comparison is the cost difference. We offer a very competitive pricing model for institutional contracts.

What are your goals?

Which car would you buy if the Ford Pinto and Acura NSX cost the same and the Acura NSX really did produce better results. I guess it all depends on what your goals are. Career Coaching for Students isn't focused on streamlining teacher workflow for productivity gains. We are focused on increasing student engagement that leads to higher academic achievement and career planning success.

Career Coaching for Students™ exists to encourage, empower and support individuals in creating clarity about their future and finding the path to total fulfillment in life. - See more at: http://www.careercoachingforstudents.net/career-coaching-for-students-program-details.html#sthash.SXz9qkDf.dpuf

Is there a difference? We think so.

Career Coaching for Students™ exists to encourage, empower and support individuals in creating clarity about their future and finding the path to total fulfillment in life. Our mission is to be the most effective student career guidance system and planning tool for students, parents, professionals and schools, to positively affect student self-awareness, esteem and decision making skills and to motivate students to proactively plan and execute steps to achieve their full potential in life. We do this by administering high validity/high reliability assessments that provide meaningful, tangible insight into the students' talents, providing the student a comprehensive debriefing of the assessment results in a way that significantly expands self-awareness about their value and abilities, what motivates them and how their talent design connects to potential career choices. The student also receives a step-by-step roadmap of learnings and exercises to do that culminates in the ability for the student to make decisions about career direction and post-secondary education choices. The program exercises fit into and satisfy many state education requirements throughout all four years of high school. Life Skills for Students™, included with the program, provides students an opportunity to understand and develop key skills needed for success in life and career. Student Resource Central™, also included with Career Coaching for Students™, is the most comprehensive repository of content dedicated to student career and college planning including advice and tools for career exploration, educational strategy, choosing a major, choosing a college, financial aid, resume writing, developing interviewing skills and much more. High school and college versions available. Program design ideal for both one-on-one and classroom delivery. Assessment administration system is highly customizable.

Our technology:

  • Customized online assessment administration system
  • The most insightful and accurate assessments
  • Online learning modules for Life Skills for Students
  • Student Resource Central

Kuder® Navigator™ is an "online" education and career planning system that gives secondary students the tools they need to build a foundation for lifelong career success. The system’s career assessments help students in grades six through 12 learn about their personal interests, skills, and work values – and help narrow their education and career choices. Kuder enables students to create multi-year education plans aligned with their assessment results and future goals. Kuder also gives students real-world skills such as how to write résumés and cover letters, how to research employers, and how to prepare for job interviews. Students can even create an electronic portfolio they may choose to share online with prospective colleges or employers. Educators are supported too, with a unique administrative database management system for tracking student progress and running detailed reports.

XAP offers "industry-leading student management tools" that help students stay on track to reach their goals. These tools also make it easier than ever before to communicate with students and report progress.
Naviance is a college and career readiness "platform" that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals. Its comprehensive college and career planning solutions optimize student success, "enhance school counselor productivity", and "track results" for school and district administrators.
Career coaches serve as an extension and enhancement to the local high school counseling office's career resources. Your high school's counseling office partners with our organization to deliver high-impact career coaching to students. How we do that is based on your needs.

Potential career coaches can be found in your current counseling and teaching staff. All they need is a solid curriculum and some training combined with their passionate interest for career coaching to start making an immediate impact.

We strongly believe high schools should prioritize career coaching, starting at the 9th grade, to help high school students define their career aspirations and to recognize postsecondary educational options, including four-year college programs, two-year college programs, vocational training certifications, apprenticeships and workforce training, that best support students.

The fundamental objectives of Career Coaching for Students' in-house high school career coaches program is to cost-effectively empower all students to make informed decisions about their career and educational plans and to prepare students for success in postsecondary education and training.

Through Success Discoveries LLC, we offer low-cost options for Career Coaching for Students™ to schools and nonprofits through a school-business partnership program. We will partner with any organization to find funds that enable this program to be delivered in your school.

School Partnership ProgramWe realize schools and nonprofits are experiencing incredible financial pressure. If your institution has local businesses wanting to help make a difference, we offer a School Partnership Program where these businesses can partner with you. We'll present the program and partner with you and your sponsors to make it happen. Our goal is to eliminate all barriers to implementing the very best student career exploration and success skills program available.


Strategic support is available for:

  • Local Business-School Partnerships
  • Local, State and Federal Grants
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grants
  • PTA/PTO Fund Raisers
  • PTA/PTO Sponsored Program
  • School Sponsored Public Workshops
  • Train-the-Teacher Programs

We work directly with the sponsoring organization, provide marketing support, curriculum customization support and training for in-house delivery.

Example options to consider for high schools:

  • In-House Freshman semester program, one hour per week as part of broader-purposed class.
  • Fall Sophomore semester program, one hour per week.
  • Four-year, curriculum supplement.
  • After-school program.
  • Fee-based custom-designed in-house workshop events held at school facilities by one of our certified facilitator - avoids concerns about costs and impact on current course curriculum, workshop offered outside of class hours.
  • Spring Semester Freshman seminar followed by use of curriculum and students' personal guidebook in various classes for Sophomore through Senior Years - requires advanced planning, school counselor and curriculum director collaboration and support, possibly funded with grants.
  • Career and Life/Leadership Skills Coaching Program administered by professionally trainied coaches or in-school qualified faculty mentors or career coaches - possibly funded with grants.

For more information contact us at 972.346.2892.

For high school counselors, school board members or other academic staff interested in bringing the Career Coaching for Students program inhouse for all students at an affordable rate click here to complete the institutional interest formSchool Districts, high schools or post-secondary eduation institutions interested in site license and training options also please schedule a call with Carl Nielson to discuss how we can customize a proposal that meets your needs.