Success requires personal skills - get the secret advantage now

Key Skills for Success in Life and Work

Life Skills for Students™ is like the "secret to success in life and work". We offer a comprehensive library of 31 soft skill learning modules in an easy-to-use online environment. Online e-learning presentation modules introduce the skill. A downloadable pdf workbook enables the student to concentrate on the skill for development.

Twelve critical soft skills for success in life and work were carefully selected for delivery via e-mail to the student, one per week on a weekly basis for 12 weeks.  The selected skill topics are based on  research that identified what makes a person highly succesful.

Think this isn't important? Think again! See what Daniel Goleman, thought-leader for Emotional Intelligence says.

What the experts say: Are "soft skills" really that important?

And this isn't new. Back in 2004, USA Today published an article about student soft skills.

Dr. Phil McGraw has recently published a book called Life Code: The New Rules for Living in the Real World where he outlines his sweet 16 skills needed for success. We weren't about to be out done by Dr. Phil, so we wrote an article that placed Dr. Phil's Sweet 16 next to our Life Skills for Students Sweet 16. It was an interesting exercise. What we learned is that Dr. Phil's list is valid and good advice and the Life Skills for Students list is equally valid but also tangible to soft skill development.

What we know is that there are highly successful people across all behavioral styles and with very different personal drivers (motivators). We also have a great deal of data supporting the claim that these 12 skills are critical to that success. Why do we think that? Because in our corporate consulting division (The Nielson Group), we and a few hundred of our colleagues are measuring these and other soft skills among hundreds of companies and finding a consistency. What we are seeing is that these 12 skills are consistently scored high for those people who have been identified "high performers". And we are seeing a mix of low scores in some or all of these 12 skills in people who are not considered high performers. Is there a correlation? We think so.

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Why Should Students Develop These Skills Now?
Here are just a few ways we think students will benefit from developing these personal skills:

  • Better grades
  • Selected more often for increased responsibilities in the future
  • Greater personal satisfaction
  • Better relationships
  • Greater clarity around people, tasks and systems
  • Greater sense of control over their own destiny
  • Ability to overcome obstacles
  • Achieve personal goals easier
  • More attractive to employers

We've put together 12 modules (personal skill topics) based on research into what makes successful people successful. Each includes a downloadable MP3 file and printable workbook. We recommend the student work with a mentor (parent or youth counselor, etc.) to get the most out of each module.

Side Note: These online tutorials and the downloadable workbooks were designed for adults and are used to coach adults. Occasionally the lesson content refers to “manager” or “organization”. Substitute those words with “parents or teachers” and “family or school” respectively. Overall, the reading level is 8th grade.


It's Included!
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What's Included in Each Soft Skill Module?

  • Online short presentation of the skill
  • Downloadable MP3 audio recording
  • Downloadable PDF workbook that concisely presents the skill module and simple exercises

What Skills are Covered?

    1. Continuous Learning (try this one!)
    2. Personal Accountability
    3. Self Management
    4. Decision Making
    5. Goal Orientation
    6. Proactive Thinking
    7. Initiative
    8. Project and Goal Focus
    9. Planning and Organizing
    10. Flexibility
    11. Problem Solving
    12. Persistence

Plus Self-Directed Bonus Modules

  1. Empathy
  2. Role Confidence
  3. Theoretical Problem Solving
  4. Conceptual Thinking
  5. Written Communication
  6. Creativity Innovation
  7. Futuristic Thinking
  8. Influencing Others (Conveying Role Value, Gaining Commitment, Understanding Motivational Needs)
  9. Interpersonal Skills (Evaluating Others, Personal Relationships, Persuading Others)
  10. Personal Drive
  11. Evaluating Others
  12. Personal Relationships
  13. Persuading Others
  14. Conveying Role Value
  15. Gaining Commitment
  16. Understanding Motivational Needs
  17. Handling Rejection
  18. Understanding and Evaluating Others
  19. Integrative Ability

How it Works
The purchaser receives an e-mail (teacher, parent or student email can be used for this) confirming their registration and access to the Life Skills for Students Library. 12 e-mails, one per week, initiating the skill to work on for that week is sent to the email address provided. Once you've completed a skill module, you can return to it as often as you like. The first e-mail will arrive the same day as the confirmation and access e-mail.

Each module is simple to follow. The exercises are very manageable. Some exercises may continue beyond a one week period.