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The Career Coaching for Students program offers a unique and powerful integration of self-directed and coach-supported method for high school and college students.

We don't think we'd be serving our clients properly if coaching were the only value in our offering. And we recognize that there are hundreds of "career self-help" books you can buy to "guide" you generically through a process. What we are offering is what urban dictionary calls "generically epic" (an event that can be called epic and can happen to anyone).

Career Coaching for Students Guidebook lasts the entire journey!Career Coaching for Students™ 

(High School or College Version*) includes:

  • Step-by-step student career guidebook and planning binder
  • Personal talent assessment providing 60+ pages of incredibly accurate and meaningful insights 
  • Four hours of personalized phone debriefing of the assessments and next step support by a certified coach (in multiple sessions)
  • Extensive resources online to support the research process (Student Resource Central™)
  • Life Skills for Students™ - 21st Century development e-learning library of critical soft skills found to be important for success in life. 

* For college students, we include an additional assessment, Personal Talent Skills Inventory®, that reveals your soft skill strengths and weaknesses that will be key to your success regardless of career choice. We also provide additional focus on buidling your LinkedIn profile, your resume, interviewing skills and more.

Requirements to access online resources: Access to the Internet, Adobe Reader

If not now, when?

CCfS_Clock_WhateverHere is what we are offering.

Program Details Self-Directed Offer
Comprehensive professional-grade assessments
Step-by-Step student guidebook
(delivered in D ring binder you'll value and refer to well into the future)
Personal Assessment Debriefing and One-on-One Coaching (4 hours in multiple sessions using webinar technology)
Access to Student Resource Central™ (never expires)
online meta-source of information resources
Life Skills for Students™
online e-learning modules for finding success
Program Focus Highlights 
Finding your mojo, narrowing your career interests, choosing a high-potential direction
Choosing a continuing education strategy that serves your goals and needs 
Gain confidence and clarity about the future
High School, Next Step and Long-Term Planning 
Social media strategy (for college students)
Summer strategy, internship and job search strategy
Networking support (for career research and summer job and internship search)

How it works

1. Purchase the program. 

2. We send you an email with instructions for taking the assessments. 

3. Once the student completes the online assessment, we ship the guidebook (binder) with assessment reports to you in the mail.

4. Schedule your persnal debriefing sessions. 
(All coaching sessions are conducted by webinar technology, the debriefing can be delivered in multiple sessions if desired, for high school students, parents are encouraged to participate in all sessions).

We work to produce the wow factor for our clients. If you are not fully satisfied with this program, we'll refund the entire cost.

Ready to get started?

For High School Students
$695 Buy the high school package
For College Students
$995 Buy the college student version

Our Guarantee: We provide a 100% full money back guarantee.