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One of the assessments used for the Career Coaching for Students™ program is called Career Planning Insights®. Parents can take the same assessment instrument and receive their own Relationship Insights® behavioral report by completing the interest form (click Read More). We refer to it tongue-in-cheek as a Parent User Manual. Your teenager will have fun reading your report (the accuracy is amazing) and will learn something about how best to communicate with you (your communication preferences). We offer this Parent User Manual for free to showcase the quality of our assessments but we also hope it serves to strengthen the bridge between parent and teenager.

While Career Planning Insights® and Relationship Insights® are focused for different purposes, they both use the same assessment instrument. As part of the Career Coaching for Students program, the student also receives a second assessment that focuses on motivators. Together the two assessments enable the student (and parents) to have incredible insights that help in the career exploration process.

As a parent, and especially if you don't center your life around assessments, the idea that an "assessment" can be helpful may seem a bit of a stretch. You may have even experienced an assessment and found it to be less than impressive which has created skepticism. Perhaps your student brought home some "career assessment report" from school only to find it "a little rediculous" and suspect, as one parent shared.

Validity and Reliability
The world of assessments is built around two things: validity and reliability. An assessment instrument needs to be tested for validity to ensure it is measuring what it is suppose to measure. The same instrument is tested for reliability to ensure that if it were taken multiple times by the same person the results would be consistent. Together, validity and reliability are key to the quality of the assessment.

There are unfortunately hundreds of assessments with less than acceptable validity and reliability. This has created confusion in the marketplace. Some assessments have been used for many years to assist students with career examination. The number of years an assessment has been in use may have some correlation to past validity and reliability. However, validity and reliability need to be maintained on an ongoing basis. Also, what we know today compared to 20 or 30 years ago is cause for concern for any career program that is using the same assessments, in the same way, as they were 20 years ago.

To state it simply, we think any career exploration program that administers assessments and doesn't include personalized career coaching with assessment debriefings and an effective, structured approach to narrowing and investigating career choices won't have the desired outcome for the student.

Business is leading the charge
In our opinion, the advancement in the art and science of identifying talent using assessments is being led by business - or more specifically, assessment companies and consulting firms that support companies who hire people for jobs. We feel the leader in that charge is Bill Bonnstetter, founder and chairman of the board, Dave Bonnstetter, co-founder and CEO of the international division, Ashley Bowers, President and the entire staff of TTI Performance Systems, Ltd. (TTI), an assessment company at the top of the assessment quality pyramid. We are proud to say that all of our assessments are developed and produced by TTI.

The instruments used for Career Coaching for Students™ are the same used by The Nielson Group, a management consulting firm and parent to Success Discoveries, to help companies evaluate candidates' talent for job fit.

The DISC-based instrument used to identify students' behavioral style is the exact same as what you are about to experience. The "report" you will receive is referred to as TTI Relationship Insights® report. This is a great way to demonstrate the quality of the assessments we use.

Your report results won't be focused on careers. It will focus on your behavioral style and its interaction with others. We hope you find this report supportive and useful beyond a simple demonstration.
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