Career Coaching for Students is the most effective student career guidance and strategic planning program used by parents, professional career coaches and academic guidance counselors in high schools and colleges.

Our Purpose

Career Coaching for Students™ exists to encourage, empower and support individuals in creating clarity about their future and finding the path to total fulfillment in life.


Program Mission

  • To be the most effective student career guidance system and planning tool for students, parents, professionals and schools

  • To positively affect student self-awareness, esteem and decision making skills

  • To motivate students to proactively plan and execute steps to achieve their full potential in life

With a focus on total quality and effectiveness, Career Coaching for Students is a state-of-the-art program with only one goal: to be the most effective student career guidance system and planning tool for students, parents, professionals, schools, colleges and universities.

High school administrators and college career counseling directors - please call us at (972) 346-2892 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a conference call to discuss your needs. 

Career Coaching for Students is the only program offering students the opportunity to complete the same assessments used by employers in the hiring process to measure the match between applicant and job. Because of the higher standards maintained by employers, the assessments carry an entirely higher level of quality, validity and reliability.

We use the same assessments as employers so that students experience immediate relevance from the reports. The two student reports are designed to significantly increase self-awareness, expose the richness of the students' talents and provide a more meaningful connection between their talent and potential careers. In all, the student receives over 30 pages of insightful, ease-to-read information about their talents. The student guidebook provides an easy-to-follow step-by-step process for student, parent and facilitator.

Action planning and execution is a key focus that may be the most challenging part of this program. Students need support and a system for follow-through.

As part of the program, students have access to Student Resource Central, another key part of our total quality strategy. This one-stop Internet resource offers pre-screened quality online resources:

  • 30+ high-quality marketing-free sites for Career Research
  • 14 high-quality, marketing-free educational institution research sites that are effective at matching a students different career interests to "best fit" educational options
  • 19 links to support the program's exercises, motivate the student, provide useful tips and techniques for the entire journey, find financial aid and scholarships and prepare for the ACT and SAT tests.

The student guidebook is actually a binder with 11 tabs to help the student stay organized as they experience the entire journey around career exploration, college visits and college applications. In this time of "all online" solutions, we believe something critical is missing: the ability to touch and use valuable information for an extended period beyond the actual duration of the program. Students and parents alike consistently state they will keep and use the student guidebook for many years.

Career Coaching for Students is delivered in a school classroom format, 12-hour workshop format (usually three sessions of four hours each), one-day format, one-on-one format and student-parent format. The Home Study Personal Edition includes a student-parent phone conference with a certified coach to debrief the assessment results and answer any questions.

We are aggressively seeking complementary partnerships and alliances to ensure Career Coaching for Students expands into all areas of the student career guidance industry. Licensed Facilitators (see our coaches at Find A Facilitator page ) are typically highly credentialed professional coaches or career guidance professionals that have completed a rigorous Career Coaching for Students facilitator training program.

About the creator

Starting around 2005, Carl Nielson was consistently asked by his adult coaching clients to "coach their kids" who were either in high school or college. These families had experienced the "online solutions" that schools were offering. They had also experienced the lack of counselor expertise and time to provide effective career guidance. These requests from his adult clients led to the discovery that the programs being offered by schools and colleges had serious flaws starting with the assessments they were using. "We might not be able to solve the time/cost challenge faced by most schools but we can certainly create a program that works better than what is currently being provided to students." stated Carl back when he was investigating the state of the career guidance industry. As of 2010, those same observations about the online solutions hasn't changed. "Too many clients were asking for assistance for their kids for me to ignore the issues. My own kids were entering that key age where career exploration was becoming critical. So I took it on. Head on. Today, Career Coaching for Students is the result of several years of development, research and experience in delivery of the program. Many colleges are now recognizing their career guidance program is woefully deficient. For that reason, we've come out with a "college version" that is highly effective for anyone from incoming Freshman undergraduates to first year advanced degree students.