After each individual coaching program with adults, I ask that they write me a short statement letter about their experience with me. Many are located in places around the country that do not allow me to ever meet them in person. My motivation to create Career Coaching for StudentsTM came from many young adults just like Emely who I helped over the past ten or more years. Please read Emely's letter to me. If you are a parent of a high school student, please consider this could be your own daughter/son in about ten years. It doesn't have to be that way. The following is Emely's story:

August 2011

It is incredible what major difference a little time and a little help can do for someone’s life. Since the moment I decided, in my senior year of college as a biochemist, that I was not going to pursue medical school; because it didn’t really interest me, I was left adrift. I had no idea what or how to develop another career choice. The intensity and competitiveness of the medical field took up a lot of my energy and time, and I never thought about a plan B.

Like many, after graduation, I jumped into the real world and found a job. For the past four years, I have felt, that I have been wasting away in a career that I do not enjoy nor do I wish to continue. I have wanted to explore alternative careers, but I never knew where to begin. The biggest obstacle in my way is I did not know what careers would be a good match for me. I want a career where I can exceed and which will fulfill me professionally and personally. A career that I look forward to in the morning, instead of the familiar dread, frustration and disappointment I currently have. I had no idea where or how to begin this search, and the idea of changing into something that could be worse, scared me. I was picking the devil that I knew like many others do.

Out of desperation and hope, I sought help from a career specialist psychologist from a university. After various tests, meetings and money the conclusion of the assessment was that I was smart enough and capable of doing any career of my choosing, but it was up to me to decide what field interested me. I was confused; I had taken at least two tests for “career interest” and received no clarity or guidance. I was told that the career interest tests I completed were inconclusive. I was left worse than before. I can do anything, but I don’t have an interest in anything? How was I supposed to proceed? How could I make a new career choice based on that? How could I have hope, that there were career options for me which I could enjoy?

Months later, when talking to a friend, he suggested that I speak with Carl Nielson. My friend indicated that Carl had helped him and could help me. I was skeptical, especially because of my last experience, but I knew I needed help and decided to give it a try.

I am incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to talk with Carl and go through his program. He listened, he understood what I needed and told me upfront what I could expect from the process and how the final results would give me some guidance. The tests were simple and very time efficient. I was shocked when I received the “Career Planning Insights” and the “TTI Success Insights” reports. The reports described me, my personality, my values, my strengths even my ticks and my flaws. The reports were incredibly accurate, concise, and simple to read and understand. I was so excited to see some type of accurate results; I could not wait to talk with Carl and have him explain to me, what the reports meant in depth and how I could use the information provided in the results to make a career and a life change.

The discussion of my results with Carl was remarkable. He listened to my concerns and questions and not only did he answer them, but gave me options and possibilities, something I felt I had not had since college. He used the information available in the program to instruct me what types of careers would fit me, based both on my motivators and values. It now makes perfect sense why my current career is so unfulfilling and disappointing.

Carl and his Career Coaching program have given me the tools and the knowledge to make a career change; a positive change full of options, opportunities and possibilities. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and thanks to Carl and this amazing program he has developed, I can see it.

-Emely Baruque, Houston, TX