About the Program

CCfS_Student_Guidebook_v3c_191x193picThe Career Coaching for Students™ High School program includes a student binder with 11 tabs to keep you organized throughout the journey. The guidebook is in the first two tabs and includes 68 pages for easy step-by-step curriculum guidance.

The binder is ideal for capturing and storing:
  • Career research
  • College applications including essays
  • Top school choice information
  • Information for school visits such as maps of the school, degree plans of interest and Professor and Dean bios.
"Now that I've seen this, we need to reassign Kuder to be exclusively for our middle school students and make Career Coaching for Students our core high school program. I can easily see adapting our current curriculum plans to leverage this program through all four years of high school. It suppots state education requirements beautifully but even more important, it makes a solid and measurable impact for every type of student." Site Curriculum Director

"As the Naviance Coordinator for my high school, I am astonished at the depth of this program vs what Naviance offers. Naviance doesn't come close. This should be the core program for incoming 9th graders if not provided during the summer prior to starting high school and then referenced throughout all four years of high school. Well done!" High School Naviance Coordinator 

If you are looking for a student program that increases academic success and delivers the best career exploration program available - welcome to Career Coaching for Students! This is a program that promises to be more effective and valuable for high school students than Kuder, Naviance, XAP Bridges or other so called college and career readiness offerings. We take a different approach. We use disruptive technology but not the kind you might think is best. Instead of an information delivery system that "helps teachers be more productive", our disruptive technology has more to do with the quality of the assessments we use and the way to use them to help students identify their passions and interests, develop a future view that they connect with and help build a strategy to make that future a reality.

What they might not tell you

Many of our independent licensed coaches are parents also. Their kids went to a high school that employed Naviance, XAP or Kuder. Most of our class and worskhop participants also had these offerings at their high school. Consistently, these students all reported low to no value from Naviance, XAP or Kuder. Students and parents in our workshops compared what they experienced in those programs to what we offer in the Career Coaching for Students program to what the Ford Pinto Ford Pinto - Worst Car Everwas to the Acura NSX (an all-aluminum, midengine sports car so good it forced Ferrari to build better Ferraris). Acura NSX will do the job and have fun doing it.The only exception we take to that comparison is the cost difference. We offer a very competitive pricing model for institutional contracts.

What are your goals?

Life and leadership skills benefit all students. Teen Leadership for Success™ is a 12-hour workshop designed specifically for teens, especially those being placed into leadership roles. Student participants make a significant leap in both personal development and leadership skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. We combine a coach-approach and leading-edge content to provide students with this high-impact program. Combine Teen Leadership for Success™ with Career Coaching for Students™ and you have a comprehensive semester long program that will soon be in demand by all students.

Parent User Manual Sample Report and Flyer
One of the assessments used for the Career Coaching for Students™ program is called Career Planning Insights®. Parents can take the same assessment instrument and receive their own Relationship Insights® behavioral report by completing the interest form (click Read More). We refer to it tongue-in-cheek as a Parent User Manual. Your teenager will have fun reading your report (the accuracy is amazing) and will learn something about how best to communicate with you (your communication preferences). We offer this Parent User Manual for free to showcase the quality of our assessments but we also hope it serves to strengthen the bridge between parent and teenager.

While Career Planning Insights® and Relationship Insights® are focused for different purposes, they both use the same assessment instrument. As part of the Career Coaching for Students program, the student also receives a second assessment that focuses on motivators. Together the two assessments enable the student (and parents) to have incredible insights that help in the career exploration process.

As a parent, and especially if you don't center your life around assessments, the idea that an "assessment" can be helpful may seem a bit of a stretch. You may have even experienced an assessment and found it to be less than impressive which has created skepticism. Perhaps your student brought home some "career assessment report" from school only to find it "a little rediculous" and suspect, as one parent shared.