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Every college senior will tell you the clock was ticking in high school! Most adults reflect back on their high school years and early years of college and wish they had taken career exploration more seriously. But who can blame them? High School Student Career Exploratoin Program OutlineWhat the high schools are offering is, well, of little true help, and for some, we've been told, what was provided in high school was misleading or even damaging.

What most college career services centers offer is, something less than effective as well. In fact, the #1 value of a college career services center is the student-employer coordination for getting that first job upon graduation - not helping you determine best career options. And they certainly don't want you to second guess your choice of colleges.

Some universities are pretty good (within certain colleges or disciplines) at helping students find internships and co-ops and that all elusive job upon graduating. But when it comes to effective career exploration coaching, most are decades behind the science. Add to the fact that most of the staffers in the career center are graduate students who haven't actually been out in the non-academic work world much and you have the makings for a mediocre career coaching experience.

Career Coaching for Students is a program offered for both families and education institutions.

The Career Coaching for Students™ Program 
for high school students includes:

  • Step-by-step student career exploration guide and organizer
  • Personal Talent Insights assessment and 60+ page report and personal talent-to-career insights debriefing
  • Six hours (3 sessions) debriefing of the assessments and program support by a certified career coach
  • Extensive online resources for research (Student Resource Central™)
  • Life Skills for Students™ - 21st Century skills development e-learning library

How it works

1. Purchase the program using the shopping cart below

2. Receive an automatic email with instructions for taking the assessments

3. Look for your guidebook (binder) in the mail (or provided at your first meeting if a face-to-face program has been coordinated with your assigned career coach)

4. Schedule your assessment debriefing. All coaching sessions are conducted by online webinar-style unless otherwise arranged. The debriefing can be delivered in two sessions if desired. Parents of high school students are encouraged to participate in the debriefing.

We work to produce the wow factor for our clients. If you are not fully satisfied with this program, we'll refund the entire cost.

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The Career Exploration Program for StudentsHigh School version is appropriate for Freshman through Senior Students

Career Coaching for Students™ Version 3.0!
Both the high school and college version Include Life Skills for Students™ e-Learning modules and the most comprehensive online resources in Student Resource Central.

About Our Assessments

This new version 3.0 is fabulous. I can’t say enough good things. A truly remarkable program.” Marcie Swift, M.Ed., NCSP, Certified CCfS Coach, West Suffield, CT

Career Coaching for Students™ is the program that students in high school or college can use to gain clarity around their talent and learn about career choices that are a good fit to their talent.

Student Resource Central™

Student Resource Central is an open source LiveBinderWe call it Student Resource Central™ (SRC), the premier Student Career Planning and Exploration metasite for career and education exploration for students. And it is free
Most "free" resources on the web come with a hidden price - marketing content with a heavy agenda - which means you aren't seeing a full spectrum of information. We've vetted and qualified every resource on Student Resource Central for true value. We receive no revenue from any resources listed on this site.  

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After each individual coaching program with adults, I ask that they write me a short statement letter about their experience with me. Many are located in places around the country that do not allow me to ever meet them in person. My motivation to create Career Coaching for StudentsTM came from many young adults just like Emely who I helped over the past ten or more years. Please read Emely's letter to me. If you are a parent of a high school student, please consider this could be your own daughter/son in about ten years. It doesn't have to be that way. The following is Emely's story: