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A Comprehensive Student Career Exploration Program
A Personalized Student Career Exploration Program
for High School Students and their Parents

Dubois County, Southwest Indiana 

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certified student career coach

 Debbie Schmitt

For All high school or college students

Format Options

Group classroom-style sessions

One-on-one sessions

This program takes a proven approach to:

  • Identifying student talents
  • Understanding strengths
  • Identifying high-potential career options that leverage your talents
  • Identifying and leveraging a team of advisors for mentoring
  • Investigating careers of interest beyond the typical surface analysis
  • Interviewing successful people in your career of interest
  • Obtaining a job-shadowing opportunity in your career of interest
  • Choosing an educational strategy that positions you for the best job opportunities
  • Differentiating yourself from the crowd
  • Building a foundation for future success and satisfaction

What's included:

  • Student Guidebook (11 tabs, guidebook referenced for years)
  • Assessments that accurately identify the student's talents, motivations and interests
  • Hours of Guidance based on package - customized to your needs
  • Student Resource Central website access
  • Life Skills for Students E-Learning program and coaching
  • Ongoing parent/student phone coaching support
  • Strategies for reducing the risk of missteps that will cost you $$$
  • Strategies for choosing the right college major
  • Bonus Gift E-Book: Financial Aid: How to Get Your Fair Share
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About Our Workshops

We offer a one-day career exploration and planning workshop intensive for the student and the parent.

Contact Debbie Schmitt at 812.631.1441

 Workshop Location: Jasper, IN area
10% discount for multiple registrations

One-on-One In-Home Offerings


Prefer an individual program?
Includes 3 hours of personalized in-home or tele-coaching - $650
Buy the Personal Program

The Career Coaching for Students program is designed to significantly reduce the risk of wasting money on the wrong major or the wrong courses (the missteps) and significantly increase the potential to apply your son/daughter's personal talents in a career direction and educational strategy that results in both success and happiness.

Quote from a Dad who attended the workshop with his son

(in a letter to the Principal of their High School that sponsored the workshop for the community)
“The results of the workshop far exceeded my expectations and my son really enjoyed the program. My son came away with a real excitement and a good idea of what he thinks he wants to do for a living when he grows up. More importantly, it gave him a practical look at the degree program(s) he would need to pursue to get into this career and also showed him the colleges he would need to go to that offer this type of degree program.”
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This program is recommended for both college-bound and non-college-bound students entering 9th - 12th grade.


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Career Coaching for Students™ is a program of Success Discoveries.
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