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Welcome to the Million People Million Jobs Research Study on job-matching.

The Nielson Group ( and Success Discoveries LLC (, in partnership with TTI Success Insights (, the world leader in talent assessments, is conducting this study for the specific purpose of helping teens and college students identify high-potential careers based on a match to their talents (personality, behavioral style, motivational design and more).

We are conducting a study of people in jobs. We want to know what "talents" contribute to success in specific jobs. This type of study has been done before but never to the extent and with the validity and reliability that the Million People Million Jobs study is set to achieve. However, to achieve our goal, we need your help.

Study Summary
The name of the study, the Million People Million Jobs Research Study, was tagged when we realized that if we collect job-match predictive information on about 10,000 people we would be able to draw conclusions on over a million people in similar types of jobs.

We are looking to compare the level of experience and happiness that study participants are experiencing in their job/career with their talents. To reward you for your time, we will send you via e-mail a comprehensive talent report (over 60 pages about you) immediately at the completion of the online assessment. No one will be calling you or trying to contact you. We do apologize up front for the length of the assessment. We are using four assessments (we call these "the science of self"), each taking about 10 minutes to complete, so you are investing about 40 minutes of your time. We think it is an even trade. The report you receive is valued at over $300 (no kidding!). You'd think this was being funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - but it isn't unfortunately.

All together, the report you will receive goes in-depth to explain your talent. The report you receive is the same report used to coach individuals and conduct job-fit analysis in thousands of companies across the globe. You'll also receive a "debriefing guide".

Once our study is completed, the aggregate results of this study will be used to help high school and college students match their talents to jobs that have high-potential for creating success and satisfaction.

Study Participants are asked to complete a "talent assessment" that identifies behavioral style, motivators and soft skills. This will take approximately 40 minutes (4 parts, 10 minutes each) so please plan accordingly. The 60+ page talent analysis will be delivered to the participant automatically via e-mail upon completion of all parts.

This study couldn't happen without a great deal of synergy and collaboration.
For questions, contact Carl Nielson, Million People, Million Jobs Study Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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We'd really appreciate you spreading the word and helping us achieve the Million People Million Jobs goal. Please promote on any and all of your social media sites. Just think how appreciative your friends will be when they receive their own talent profile. Look in the top left corner of your web browser to send this page to your social media accounts.

FAQ: What if I hate my job? Can I still participate?
We certainly want people who "absolutely love their job and are successful doing their job". With that said, we can also use data from people who hate their job or feel they are a terrible match to their job. So both ends of the happiness scale are important for validation reasons. We also want the most participants we can get. You might also find that your talent report will increase your self-awareness about your talents, which just might result in you having new insights that help you find that "great fit" job you deserve!  

This Million People, Million Jobs Research Study will end at midnight March 31, 2016 or when we receive 10,000 talent profiles, whichever comes first. At no time will your personal information (name, email address, or individual talent profile results) be shared with anyone, anywhere for any reason. All data will be used in the aggregate for the specific purpose of identifying talent characteristics associated with career/job success.

Want to particpate and receive your own 60+ page Talent Analyis? To get started, tap here.