George Washington University has published research and guidelines regarding how to prepare high school students for success. We are very pleased to report 100% alignment between the Freshman Transition Initiative and Career Coaching for Students™. We've listed each of the Freshman Transition Initiative requirements here. These are addressed very effectively in the Career Coaching for Students™ program.

High school students who complete the Career Coaching for Students™ program:

  • Envision a future that is economically self-sufficient?
  • Have articulated a plan that will help them achieve their goals and dreams?
  • Understand the consequences to the many aspects of their life if they don’t follow through with their plans?

Why Career Coaching for Students™ is for every high school student!


  • Help students envision a future that is productive, achievable, and stimulating.
  • Provide the framework for helping students learn to project into the future and understand the consequences of today’s choices and actions.
  • Expose students to potential stumbling blocks that could impede their success
  • Help them develop the necessary coping skills and attitudes required for a productive transition into adulthood.
  • Help students become identity-achieved, a necessary developmental process for all adolescents.
  • Provide practice in the communication and interpersonal skills required for career and personal success.
  • Facilitate students’ recognition of the value of education and the importance of becoming internally motivated to succeed in school.
  • Motivate learners and workers who challenge themselves and strive for higher achievement.
  • Help students understand how education, training, and career choice impact their personal lifestyle.
  • Motivate students to apply themselves, because once they understand how core subjects (e.g., reading, writing, speaking, computing) impact their future success, academic achievement will increase.
  • Teach a life and career planning “process,” so students can continually adjust their plans throughout their education and adult life.
  • Help students become “career focused,” so every student is prepared to enter the workforce upon completion of their education.
  • Facilitate the development of a personalized ten-year plan that matches each student’s career aspirations and commitment to education.
  • Teach students the skills, aptitudes, and attitudes needed to successfully transition into high school, post-secondary education and/or training, the workforce, and adulthood.

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